- - Friday, December 9, 2016

As the militaries of Russia, Iran, Iraq and the United States pressure the Sunni-backed Islamic State in the Middle East, large numbers of these battle-hardened fighters are returning to Europe to one day spread terror and mayhem. In fact, more than 1,700 have most likely already returned to the continent.

A report from the European Union specifies that many of these fighters are returning with specific missions in mind to kill and terrorize their home populations, reports AFP. EU counter-terrorism coordinator Gilles de Kerchove, “We have to be prepared because some of them will come to Europe … They may try to come back home and we don’t want to repeat the mistake we made in the late 80s when the Russians left Afghanistan and we left these mujahideen … in the wild.”

“The physical caliphate … is collapsing but we still have the virtual caliphate and this allows the organization to direct attacks,” said Kerchove.

The report also warns about fighters returning from Libya, “There is also a significant foreign terrorist fighter contingent with Daesh in Libya which might attempt to use their nationality or family connections to return to Europe.”

And the report states that it is not only male fighters, women and children have been radicalized and pose a threat as well. They are more easily accepted under the refugee policies of many nations but could prove just as dangerous as they are easily trusted by civilians in Western countries.

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