- - Monday, February 1, 2016

Is Hillary Rodham Clinton really the best we can do for a Democratic presidential candidate? Frankly I am tired of all the wordsmithing and hair-splitting regarding her emails and the issue of those emails’ classification. The information we are being fed by her campaign and its supporting pedants is all nonsense. There are but a few points that, in my view, are germane.

First, it’s unimportant to learn whether Mrs. Clinton’s email communications were marked with some classification. Mrs. Clinton was the secretary of state at the time and as such she should have known that virtually all her official communications had some classification. Even her schedule was classified. Second, to mix personal and official communications is not a very smart thing to do, and to mix them on a personal server located in a private, non-governmental residence is just plain dumb. Lastly, when you listen to what Mrs. Clinton says about anything, her explanations are akin to a ball in a pin-ball machine: They never seem to be consistent or true.

At least Bernie Sanders is consistent and truthful. And why are we ignoring a fine person like Martin O’Malley?


Yorktown, Va.

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