- - Sunday, February 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton is always quick to point out the amount of experience she brings to her campaign for president. To go along with that self-identified worldliness there’s an expectation that all she has to do is have her name on primary ballots and it’s a mere formality to get from there to her coronation. That experience, though, has left a legacy of trampled bodies and issues on the way to her crowning.

The good news is that the voters are starting to catch on. During the New Hampshire polling it was identified that Mrs. Clinton’s trustworthiness was perceived as shockingly low when compared to that of her oppononet, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. In one poll, voters who care about honesty in a candidate said that Mr. Sanders carries the trust factor by a whopping 91 percent compared to Mrs. Clinton’s 5 percent. Five percent? I’d be willing to go out on a limb and say that at least 5 percent of people think the moon’s made of green cheese and Elvis is there right now, living out his retirement years.

Some might call Mrs. Clinton’s current troubles another example of chickens coming home to roost, but that only brings back unpleasant memories of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright disparaging America. Instead let’s just say that New Hampshire was her fright night filled with the ghosts of transgressions past.

So, Hillary and Bill, with the campaign faltering, who you gonna call?



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