- The Washington Times - Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Northwest’s newest cocktail bar has arrived in the form of Quarter+Glory, an expansive new joint that caters to discerning imbibers who like their after-work drinks with a lot of pizzazz and even more of a kick. And under the able eye of General Manager Robert Yealu, politicos and journalists, professionals and hipsters are all making their way to this new do-drop-in.

Located on 14th St. just above the happening U St. corridor, Quarter+Glory offers an extensive cocktail menu as well as generous happy hour choices during the week. But the joint offers a different sort of a vibe than the usual loosen-your-tie, post-work environment where the name of the game is to down as many as possible as fast as possible before 7 p.m. tolls and prices jack up again.

Strangely, for a Friday at 5:30, the place was emptier than might have been expected, with the cavernous space feeling a bit agoraphobic before fellow drinkers steadily poured in around 6:15. No matter as Mr. Yealu and his staff were incredibly friendly and welcoming, offering personalized service.

Of particular note is their take on the classic whiskey sour, this one consisting of Heaven Hill bourbon, lemon, sugar and egg white. It’s a cool, refreshing taste for post-office chilling out and, at $9, a District bargain. I went beyond the happy hour menu in favor of the joint’s namesake concoction, which features Brugal Anejo Rum, Cutty Sark Prohibition Scotch, Gran Classico bitters, Punt e Mes, tamarind vinegar and salt. At $13, it delivers a helluva flavor profile and an alcoholic kick to match. Definitely my favorite of what I’ve had thus far.

My companion opted for the Moscow mule, a classic number that’s a mixture of vodka and ginger beer. Strangely, despite Quarter+Glory’s excellent mixology, the drink was served in a regular bar glass versus the far more traditional copper cup. Its quality taste evened out with that miss, but it was a disappointing lapse for a fairly common bar staple.

If cocktails aren’t precisely your bag, the bar also offers boilermakers, combinations of beer and liquors such as the Narragansett Lager and Heaven Hill bourbon elixir.

It’s often said that America’s capital is too stuffy and needs to loosen up more. Whether it be commiserating with co-workers or hanging with friends, Quarter+Glory is yet another feather in the District’s nighttime cap.



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