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Let it be noted: Pinocchio’s nose no longer grows when he lies. And it’s a real shame. For decades Pinocchio served as the shining example for youngsters like me, warning us to never lie. “If you lie,” our parents said, “everyone will find out, because your nose will grow like Pinocchio’s!” Out of fear of having out nose extend far out of our face, we kept our tongue from slipping and our words honest.

But those days are now over. Pinocchio wished upon a star for a new nose. Today, Pinocchio has utilized the magic of modern medicine, paid for a nose job, and never again has to worry about his nose growing.

Unfortunately, Pinocchio and his new nose have spent a lot of time on the 2016 campaign trail. Our Pinocchio politicians have been made aware of the fact that noses don’t, in fact, grow when you lie. Lying is moral and ethically allowed. Goodbye truth, hello dishonesty.

And our politicians have been moving toward this point for a long time and we just haven’t, to be honest, cared. Sure, we think, politicians lie, it’s the art of the game. Politics has become synonymous with deceit. Whenever a child mentions political aspirations, they are rebuked with “it’s a dirty business.” I never knew what that meant until now.

Pinocchio and his new nose have been main advisors to the Hillary Clinton campaign for quite a while, encouraging her to say whatever is necessary. Eventually everyone will believe it, forget the dishonesty ever happened, or end up so confused that apathy sets in. To quote one of the most corrupt individuals of all time, Joseph Goebbels, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Apparently, albeit horrifically, what Goebbels said is true—nearly 50% of Democratic voters support Mrs. Clinton. The other half are enthralled with a candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, who promises to deliver the undeliverable. Sure, he has “methodology” for his plans that sound “super swag”—to use the lingo of my generation—but can offering free education and health care for every American simultaneously exist with the increase of income and employment he promises? No one is holding Mr. Sanders’s feet to the fire; instead, we are letting him run to the lead of the national polls.

Pinocchio and his new nose have converse with Republicans, too, targeting Donald Trump, Sen. Marco Rubio, and Sen. Ted Cruz. Evidence? “Lying” was mentioned 16 times in the CBS GOP debate—and that doesn’t even include the multiple times the candidates were pummeled for misrepresenting their record.

Of course, this is politics as usual. Candidates are routinely branded as lying or misrepresenting their record. What is shocking is that neither Donald Trump, Mr. Rubio, or Mr. Cruz have come out to explained what is true and what is not. A “liar” attack is simply refuted with “liar” attack, only resulting in is a confounded constituency. Someone’s nose should be growing, but we just don’t know whose. As a result, voters are left in the dark, unable to tell who is telling the truth and who is not, or if it even matters in the long run. Thanks so much Pinocchio.

But the fact remains, noses never grew in the first place. In the realm of politics, it has always been up to the people, the Constitution, and the media to hold the candidates accountable. In the past, this system has worked relatively well. What changed?

Unfortunately, Americans and the media are blinding their eyes in order to protect their desired candidate. Clinton supporters don’t search for honesty and integrity because they realize, deep down, there is none to be found. That’s why her lead over Mr. Sanders has dwindled—morally conscious Americans find it impossible to stomach such corruption. On the GOP side of the equation, voters conveniently ignore the fallacies that fall from their candidate’s lips, cheering them on when they shout “No, he’s lying by saying I’m lying!” It clears things up a bit. The media, on both sides, has thrown in the towel, deciding if they can’t call the shots, they don’t have a duty to investigate for the truth.

This is incredibly dangerous. Sure, this election will be like no other: the people want change, they want to hit reset, and they want it now. Yet integrity and honesty cannot be thrown out. In supporting the so-called “radical” candidates, we cannot abandon the foundation of truth. As the real Pinocchio pointed out, “A lie keeps growing and growing until its plain as the nose on your face.” We are responsible for finding out who is telling the truth. Otherwise, this merry-go-round will never stop and we the people will be stuck spinning in circles forever.

Juliette Turner is the National Youth Director of Constituting America.

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