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The state of the union is not strong. It is an empty chair.

Seven years into Barack Obama’s tenure as anti-American-in-chief, we will be served up yet another helping of New Speak during his address to the nation. It will include a literal empty seat somewhere in the House chamber to symbolize the progressive tribe’s pathological obsession with doing violence to the Second Amendment.

We will also no doubt hear a poetically crafted phrase about how something must be done about guns even if only one life can be saved. It’s at that point I would pay good money to queue up South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson once again.

Back in 2009 during a joint session of corruption and usurpation, I mean Congress, Wilson responded to one of Obama’s pleas concerning his signature health care legislation with a lone wolf truth bomb in an otherwise silent House chamber.

“You lie!” he shouted.

The Left was shocked – shocked! – I tell you by such a breach of decorum. Because, you know, the party that supports the dignified antics of feral Syrian refugees, #BlackLivesMatter, Occupy Wall Street, the University of Missouri petty grievance club, and dudes feeling pretty get to drop a deuce in the stall next to your baby girl is nothing if not obsessed with the bounds of propriety.

And since the GOP’s gotta GOP, Wilson’s lament was sent off to the leper colony while Obamacare was approved six months later. If you liked your doctor, you could keep it (except you couldn’t). It wasn’t a tax increase (except it was – just ask Chief Justice John Roberts). And rights of conscience were going to be protected concerning some of the legislation’s more controversial provisions (except they weren’t – just ask the Little Sisters of the Poor).

Wilson had no idea how right he was.

Now here we are in 2016, neck deep in the consequences of Obamacare’s fiscal and ethical failures, and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan plans to engage in some theatrics of his own at the State of the Union by inviting the much aggrieved Little Sisters of the Poor to take their own seats in this televised drama.

Ryan’s hope is to point out the absurdity of the crosses that King Obama forces even the meekest among us to bear in the name of breathing life into his progressive utopia. Yet perhaps the deeper truth of Ryan’s passion play is only to unintentionally remind us just how much robbery he and his fellow Republican geldings have allowed Obama to carry out on their watch (omnibus anyone?).

When nuns are being frog-marched in front of the United States Supreme Court because they don’t take a shine to paying for killing children, there had to be multiple places along the line where you could have manned up, stepped in and done something before it came to that. Ted Cruz’s filibuster against Obamacare readily comes to mind as a lonely light in the darkness, but since we aren’t allowed to close down the government according to emeritus gravy train conductors John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, here we are.

Which brings us back to guns and that silly empty seat.

Obama has already flourished his magic executive pen in the name of saving just one life. He even cried some big ‘we’re the people we’ve been waiting for’ tears. Pay no mind to the perpetual overreach of his office, or the Constitutional carelessness of his specific directives. Something must be done! Anything. Just to save somebody. Anybody. One person. Whatever it takes.

How about a life like Kate Steinle’s then? Whereas none of his executive orders would be a specific remedy for any of the recent shootings carried out by fiends and madmen, Obama’s power to intervene on behalf of Steinle’s state of affairs has always been far clearer cut.

She was shot in the back by a five-time illegal alien, felon and domestic abuser while on a walk with her father in San Francisco. That illegal alien was there because the civic intelligentsia of the city had self-righteously vaccinated itself against the unholy vicissitudes of white privilege, by declaring itself a sanctuary city in explicit defiance of federal law.

Hmm. So vexing. What to do?

The answer to that is as obvious as the fact Obama proceeded to do nothing of the kind. San Francisco had not been punished for its malfeasance, nor have the countless other American cities that continue to operate as shelters for a criminal underclass that feeds itself from the public trough (otherwise known as future Democrat votes if all goes as planned).

No magic pen was necessary to stop that. Just a respect for our national sovereignty, our cultural dignity, and the rule of law. But who am I kidding. I’m sure there will be a tasteful asterisk on Obama’s empty State of the Union chair to indicate that Kate Steinle’s life is a square peg in the round hole of his race to radicalism.

Kate Steinle will never be avenged by way of his progressive parade nor will any kind of justice be served. The same goes for the Little Sisters of the Poor. They are the acceptable collateral damage of a vision quest that is revolutionary by nature and lethal in its execution.

Obama will say he cares about things like the First and Second amendments to the Constitution. He will insist that he stands with you in your pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. And he will wax on about a lot of other things during tonight’s presidential Hallmark card to a nation that is under his temporary care.

But Joe Wilson was right.

He lies.

And the Republican majorities we’ve elected do nothing substantive to stop him.

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