- - Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Conservatives are fed up. I get it.

The administration of the last seven years has done everything in its power to move our country away from the constitution. President Obama has taken it upon himself to implement the policies he sees fit, whether or not the people’s representatives in Congress vote for them. And we have a group of politicians in Washington that care more about being politically correct than actually getting something done.

Because of this, a very large majority of voters believe our country is headed in the wrong direction. Some may even fear that America is no longer great.

Step in Donald J. Trump. In an era where every debate line is rehearsed for weeks, Mr. Trump seems like he could be a breath of fresh air. He says what’s on his mind. He isn’t afraid to offend anyone. He knows how to give a speech full of red meat.

And allegedly, he knows how to make America great again.

Here is the problem. He doesn’t know how to make America great again. The only thing he knows how to do is make Donald Trump great again.

The New Yorker is a media mastermind, and that is all. He knows how to get ratings, and he knows how to get Twitter followers — so do the Kardashians. That doesn’t mean they are qualified to be Commander in Chief.

If conservatives want another four to eight years of the Obama administration, then they should vote for Mr. Trump in the primary. Even with all of Hillary Clinton’s faults – and there are plenty – she would wipe the floor with Mr. Trump in November.

Instead of talking about her private server with classified information on it, her role in the days leading up to and following the 2012 Benghazi attack or the fact that every part of the world she was involved in is worse off than it was before, we would be talking about the next outrageous thing out of Mr. Trump’s mouth.

In addition to be a walking political cartoon, Mr. Trump refuses to get detailed on policy. Instead, everything will just be fantastic, great and amazing. In addition, someone else will pay for it. Except, there is never a real plan.

When he does discuss policy, half the things he says are not actually conservative. He knows very little when it comes to foreign policy, I’m not sure I can count how many times he has changes his views on health care, he has supported the presumptive Democratic nominee in Mrs. Clinton and he actually wants to defy our nation’s constitution by banning entry to the country based on religion.

Not only that, he has advocated for our current tax system and even called for higher taxes.

If we as conservatives are fed up with political correctness and dysfunction in Washington, we cannot just look to the guy yelling the loudest. We need someone with actual answers to our problems. We need someone who will take on political correctness without crossing over to racism and sexism. We need someone who is actually conservative.

That person is not Mr. Trump.

With less than a month until voting begins, let’s find a candidate conservatives can be proud of. Let’s find a candidate who wants to reform our tax code and bring down rates for everyone. Let’s find a candidate who believes we need a strong defense in order to protect our citizens from radical Islamic terrorists. Let’s find a candidate who will immediately repeal Obamacare and replace it with a plan that would take power from away from the government, not give it more.

Let’s find a candidate that can actually make America great again. Not just one who thought that slogan would make a good hashtag.

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