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Just as the Founders of the greatest republic known to man understood that the only way for a free and just society to exist requires government control left in the hands of the people, the very same applies today. Yet the Republican Convention shows us how self-serving party bosses can manipulate the system and keep themselves in power. When unable to manipulate the vote, as was done very successfully in the primaries, they inform the delegates that the vote was already taken.

Having collected petition signatures for delegates I know to be dedicated patriots who have invested limitless time, energy and resources to restore our republic to again be free and just, I pray they find the fellowship, support and courage to turn this around by insisting on a delegate vote. Just as the Founders had full confidence that the American people would do their share to sustain this republic, surely the 2,470 delegates now gathered in Cleveland can be counted on to vote for the one individual most fit to take on the most important job in the world.

Now that we have all seen how our sharp turn to the left has brought us to the brink of civil war, and massive spilling of innocent blood throughout the world, the time has surely come to restore our democratic republic to what it was meant to be:a government of the people, by the people and for the people, with liberty and justice for all.

By the grace of our Creator, there is no need for a revolution or violence of any kind. This can only be accomplished by peaceful means. If I were leading the choir we would be singing “God Bless America.” Others may have other ways for the message to prevail. What is clear beyond a shadow of doubt is that to turn our country back onto the constitutional track, the delegates to the Republican Convention must vote.


Morristown, N.J.

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