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We are far beyond the point at which America should have awoken to the deep and lasting deception and harm that has been the hallmark of Saudi Arabia’s “friendly and cooperative” relationship with the United States (“Secret chapter of 9/11 inquiry released after 13-year wait,” Web, July 15). The Saudi royal family and countless Saudi government agents and citizens have done inestimable damage to Americans and America’s interests through efforts to support terrorism and export that hate-filled, anti-American theocracy, Wahhabism, to the United States. They have also funded and supported radical mosques, Islamic centers and schools in our country.

Our moral infrastructure has been seriously damaged by the Saudis’ Islamization efforts in the United States. Furthermore, the 9/11 Commission Report diluted and distorted the true involvement of Saudi Arabia in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center; it was much more extensive than the government let on in the report. Hillary Clinton and both presidents Bush chose to minimize the radical influence of the Saudis on terrorism in America, electing instead to say Saudi Arabia was an ally.

Saudi Arabia was a vast resource of oil and a major construction market for Saudi-funded projects in which U.S. companies participated to a significant degree. Today it is estimated that the hate-filled religious strain of Wahhabism influences about 80 percent of the mosques and 2,100 of the Islamic centers in America that act as a spring board for violent jihad in the United States.

America must become alert to this Saudi threat and take steps to eradicate it before it’s too late.


North Las Vegas, Nev.

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