- The Washington Times - Wednesday, July 20, 2016

CLEVELAND — Eric Trump, who will make the case for his father during a prime-time address Wednesday evening at the Republican National Convention, said he personally wrote his entire speech.

“I … took immense pride,” Mr. Trump, the son of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “I wrote every single word of my speech myself.”

“I think sometimes when you write from the heart, and I’ll certainly deliver it from the heart, the product will be what it will be, but it’ll be certainly sincere and full of love and full of emotion and … that’s how it’s supposed to be,” he said.

Donald Trump Jr. and Tiffany Trump, two of the GOP presidential nominee’s other children, spoke at the convention Tuesday night, working to present a side of their father apart from the tough-talking reality TV persona many Americans associate with him.

The nominee’s wife, Melania, addressed the convention on Monday evening, though much of the attention on her speech has been focused on some similarities to a few passages from a speech first lady Michelle Obama delivered at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Eric Trump said Donald Jr. and Tiffany Trump both did an “amazing” job.

“I really focus on the why,” Eric Trump said of his own speech. “Why is my father doing it? Why does he care this much? Why now? I really focus on the why.”

“It’s interesting … here’s a guy who’s kind of in the apex of his career,” he said. “He does not need to be doing this.”

“I hear from his friends all the time, ‘I would never do something like that,’ ” he said. “The scrutiny, the this, the that, the time commitment, the stress, the aggravation … why, for somebody who’s become so successful who could live a beautiful, cushy life at home, play golf all the time, run a nice business, really sit back.”

“My father cares deeply about this country,” he said. “This country’s given him everything.”

Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka is scheduled to speak on Thursday, the final night of the convention.



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