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July 4, 1776 is a holy day on the calendar of American history and a turning point in world affairs. July 5, 2016 is now a day that shall live in infamy, because it was the day the FBI decided that all men, but not all women, may be equal before the law. It was the day the FBI decided the deliberate and wanton acts of Hillary Clinton would not be prosecuted — but similar acts committed by others will be prosecuted.

The modern idea that no one should be “judgmental” has taken hold even in places where good judgment is essential. FBI Director James Comey could not pass judgment on blatant crimes; Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts could not force himself to judge against Obamacare. Yet the rule of law depends on voluntary compliance and the presence of conscience, and the courage to act accordingly.

If “no reasonable prosecutor” would take the Clinton case, it would be out of fear, not reason. It would not be “reasonable” to defend justice whan faced with such consequences. And yet the Founding Fathers did, and because of their sacrifice we are free. They were fearless enough to “pledge their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor” in defense of liberty. Is sacred honor now a relic even among good men?

Even before Bill and Hillary Clinton entered the White House, Hillary had been connected to a long string of scandals for which she was never held accountable. Hillary Clinton’s contempt for the lives of Americans in Benghazi, her perjury and her treasonous manipulation of top-secret information are only the latest crimes that cry out for prosecution. She is committed to nothing but her vision of herself as a modern-day Catherine the Great.

To give such a person control of something as priceless as America would be evil. No reasonable person would want this country in such hands.



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