- - Wednesday, July 20, 2016


In light of FBI Director James Comey’s ‘no-indictment’ determination of Hillary Clinton, many people have become angry or depressed, chanting “A Clinton won again” (“Why the FBI let Hillary Clinton off,” Web, July 11). Ronald Kessler notes that Mr. Comey did not want to take on “an unwinnable case” under Section 793(f) of the U.S. criminal code. However, as a glass-half-full kind of person, I see an opportunity here.

Former Rep. John Hostettler provides an excellent analysis of the constitutional process of a future impeachment of Hillary Clinton via the House of Representatives, for example (“Hillary’s historic hat trick,” Web, July 11). There are other possible future victories, including a conviction of Mrs. Clinton for lying to Congress. My favorite would be to use section 2071 of the criminal code, which addresses the destruction of records.

Since Mr. Comey has conveniently laid out the facts logically and succinctly for a legal case against Clinton, perhaps the strategy if Mrs. Clinton is elected president would be to bring an indictment then, since the penalty includes not only imprisonment or fine, but the forfeiture of office and disqualification “from holding any office under the United States.” Now that would be definitive.





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