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Radical Islam descends to a level of barbarism beyond the imagination of civilized man. Women and children, and 87-year-old priests, become favorite targets. They can’t easily fight back, though the heroic priest slain on his knees before the altar at a Roman Catholic Church in France tried, and gave up his life defending his parishioners.

There are no words in any language to express the revulsion of decent men and women, and in the event the West must realize that words won’t resolve the assault by the “soldiers” of radical Islam on everything civilized men and women hold dear. Only the might of military arms, applied without mercy, can answer the challenge, whether Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats like it or not. More ritual condolences, more speeches from the frightened and the weak, more tears, more flowers laid at embassy gates by the well-meaning, will do nothing to appease the wickedness of the terrorists and their gruesome religion.

The leaders of the Democrats have been struck blind by the heat of their own piety and self-righteousness, unable to see the world as it displays itself in depravity and evil. Anyone who draws the correct picture can expect to be denounced as spreading a dark and dismal view of where we are.

What can be darker and more dismal than to consider what happened at the Church of the Gambetta in the little Norman village of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, near the city of Rouen? There radical Muslims stormed into the church, this time not with guns but knives, and proceeded to take the priest and a worshipper hostage, forcing the priest to his knees before slitting his throat and attempting to behead him. Shouting the radical Islamic battle cry “Allahu Akbar,” or “Allah is great,” they screamed an Arabic “sermon” at the altar. This was darkness to rival any medieval “black mass” to mock the Christian rites of worship, just as it was intended to do.

It’s up to the many millions of peaceful Muslims to repair the enormous damage done to the perception of their faith, but it is up to the leaders of the secular West to deal with this scourge that threatens life, limb and decency everywhere.

Hillary Clinton’s Democrats clearly do not “get it.” The first 61 speakers at the Democratic National Convention now in session in Philadelphia could not find the time and space in their bloviation and gasbaggery even to speak the words “terrorism” and “ISIS.” Only when outsiders noticed there were no American flags on the platform Monday night (there were 36 on stage at the Republican convention in Cleveland), the party sent out a desperate appeal to flag manufacturers to find one or two for Tuesday night.

Flags won’t destroy ISIS, either, but the absence of the national symbol, meant to appease the fragile feelings of “anyone who might be offended” by the sight of Old Glory, speaks volumes about where the head and heart of Hillary Clinton and her ilk might be. Who will stand up against the threats from within and without if those who aspire to lead will not?

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