- - Monday, July 4, 2016


A 22-year-old former teacher’s aide in Glenarden, Md., has been indicted on child abuse, sex offense and child pornography charges (“PG County grand jury indicts ex-school aide on 270 counts including child porn, sex abuse,” Web, June 29). The principal of the elementary school at which this took place (who is, by the way, currently on paid leave) “says she didn’t follow up or alert local authorities when parents and teachers voiced suspicions about his behavior.” Why?

Also, the school’s policy does not allow for people’s backgrounds to be vetted until after they are hired. Do we still think this is a wise policy?

The indictment reports that Deonte Carraway “threatened, pressured, enticed and/or coerced children into having sex with him and each other.

Police found 38 videos of children engaged in sex acts with Mr. Carraway or each other.”

Those who remember Jonestown will see a correlation here. Those who don’t remember were apparently doomed to repeat it. We are living in very liberal times, with a very liberal president. The children involved in this horrific crime will carry the stigma of it with them for the rest of their lives.


Silver Spring



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