- - Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Donald Trump is catching flak from liberal media types because he recently had the audacity to question President Obama’s handling of the Orlando massacre. Mr. Obama still refuses to label that heinous act radical Islamic terrorism.

We have a president who on the first day of office said he would lead the “most transparent administration” in our nation’s history. Yet he has employed every trick in the book to keep his personal records sealed as if he had something desperate to hide.

We have a president who has looked us right in the eye on dozens of occasions over two major issues — health care and the Iranian nuclear treaty — and we later found out that it was all a ruse, and the spin masters were contemptuously mocking the American people for buying into it.

We have a president who for the last seven-and-a-half years has made only decisions that go against the best interests of the United States, yet if we dare question him we’re instantly labeled racists.

Is something going on here, as Mr. Trump hinted? Mr. Obama has been the worst president of all time. And let’s be honest — if he were of full Caucasian heritage, he very likely never would have survived these self-inflicted scandals. He would have been impeached or at least lost the 2012 election had the Republicans had a strong, straight-shooting, Trump-like candidate running.

Let’s face it: Mr. Obama is ‘damaged goods’ as president. He has long lost the trust of the American people. In my opinion, the FBI, Secret Service and other various agencies need to be closely watching and monitoring his every move for the remaining seven months of his term.


Medford, N.Y.

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