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BOCA GRANDE, Fla. — Weeks before killing 49 infidels in Orlando, Omar Mateen walked into a Florida gun store trying to buy body armor and a thousand rounds of ammunition. Suspicious about a Middle Eastern-looking guy jabbering a foreign language into a cellphone, the gun-store clerk denied the man service.

It is exactly this kind of religious bigotry that plays right into the hands of peace-loving Muslims who increasingly see America as a country at war with their peaceful, loving religion.

It is this kind of anti-Islamic profiling that forces peace-loving Muslims like Mateen to peacefully kill 49 people partying so maliciously at a club in Orlando. This is what President Obama has been warning us for eight years now.

Wisely, the leader of the free world refuses to use the term “radical Islamic terrorism,” which formulation just verbalizes the hateful gun store clerk’s prejudiced actions against the peaceful Omar Mateen.

And it is exactly because of Mr. Obama’s wise refusal to utter that hateful phrase that the world today is dominated by so many hot spots of peace and why the peaceful rulers of Islam are presently raining so much love and peace on all of us all around the world.

And it is why Hillary Clinton, our next leader of the free world, constantly warns against this sort of behavior because it can be used as a recruitment took by Islamic peacemongers to gain more followers to carry out their designs for world harmony.

“Our salesman got very concerned about it,” one of Lotus Gunworks owners, Robert Abell, said of Mateen’s visit.

Mr. Abell did not elaborate on what he meant by “it,” but clearly he was talking about the “suspicious” behavior of a Middle Eastern looking guy inquiring to buy body armor and a thousand rounds of ammo and then talking excitedly in a foreign tongue into his cellphone.

Has this man no decency! Not only is Mr. Abell clearly an Islamaphobic neanderthal who is at war with the entire peaceful religion of Islam, he is also clearly a xenophobe. I am willing to bet you a thousand rounds of ammo that Mr. Abell is even opposed to increasing immigration into the U.S. from Muslim countries!

Most concerning is how utterly unapologetic Mr. Abell is about spewing all his hatefulness. “It is our right to deny the sale. We have done it time after time,” he boasted.

If there is any justice in this world — and there certainly is in this administration! — the FBI will investigate Mr. Abell’s gun shop and examine all the other “time after times” he and his employees have profiled innocent, peaceful Americans like Omar Mateen.

No justice, no peace, I say.

I mean, what if that gorilla Harambe of Cincinnati walked into Mr. Abell’s gun store to exercise his Second Amendment rights? Would he be denied, too? Just think how differently things might have ended in his zoo enclosure last month if Harambe had been able to defend himself in his own home. He could have stood his ground!

So blinded by prejudice and religious bigotry is Mr. Abell that his only regret about not doing business with the peaceful Omar Mateen is that he was not able to get his name and contact information.

Mr. Abell was concerned enough that he reported the “suspicious” activity to the FBI, who could not do anything without a name.

Just stop for a minute and think of the embarrassment and hurtfulness that would have ensued had the FBI received enough information to track down and harass Mateen.

I guess the next step by the hateful religious bigots in this world is to pass a gun law that would bar any Muslim who has expressed support for jihad from purchasing firearms or ammunition.

Finally the first gun-control proposal that Mr. Obama would not support.

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