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One would expect that, at some point in his daily security briefings during his more than 2,700 days in office, President Obama would have been informed of the tens of thousands of terrorist attacks that have taken place around the world during his tenure. You’d think he would have been told that these atrocities have resulted in more than 119,000 deaths and left more than 168,000 people injured — and that they have all had one thing in common: the religion of the killers.

Whether it’s been an 18-year-old girl who has been tied to a tree and set on fire by her brothers because they’ve suspected her of having sex, or a Christian convert who is beheaded for leaving the so-called “religion of peace,” or the 49 people slaughtered in Orlando this month, these killings have all been perpetrated by self-proclaimed Muslims.

Have those who kill their own daughters and sisters, stone their neighbors to death, or behead people for apostasy been radicalized — or are they simply following the teachings of their religion?

We have seen ayatollahs and imams, the leaders of this religion, call for the killing of people they deem “infidels,” nonbelievers and those enemies, including the entire nation of Israel.

More than 18,000 attacks, more than 119,000 killed and more than 168,000 injured in under a decade. Are these the acts of a few radicalized followers or, more likely, a larger part of the body of what Obama calls a “religion of peace”?


Polk City, Fla.

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