- - Thursday, June 23, 2016


If you want to see how the federal government under a President Hillary Clinton would look and act, look no further than the people’s republic of California. Under a progressive legislature and governor, California is building a $68-billion high-speed train from the metropolis of nowhere to the far side of podunk city. They wanted a shiny new toy, but desalination plants along the coast are what Southern California’s predominantly desert and semi-desert areas really need.

Mrs. Clinton is a self-described progressive, which is really another word for socialist. Under her presidency, the entire nation would go the way of California. Her socialist playthings will be trillion-dollar sinkholes like Obamacare, a larger federal government that would dictate how Americans must live; a vastly greater national debt; and a further downsizing of our military to pay for it. Such a military would be one incapable of defending us.

When Americans finally discover that they’ve elected a socialist to the presidency and given socialists control of Congress, they will be running around asking ridiculous questions, such as “How did this happen?” The answer is simple: You voted for political con artists who promised they would give you free stuff. You bought a pig in a poke.


Special Forces, U.S. Army Reserves (retired)

Chino Hills, Calif.



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