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After eight years of President Obama, enemies of America understand that this president was never interested in defending his country or keeping it a superpower. And they are exploiting Mr. Obama’s compromising of America and his betrayal of oath, office and country.

It is clear that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, as well as other radical Islamic terror groups, have not been deterred or intimidated by Mr. Obama’s limited and timid airstrikes. Further, Russia already has a treaty that gives it massive advantages over the United States in tactical and long-range nukes. Russia now plans to expand its global reach by building military bases in Nicaragua and Venezuela. Vladimir Putin also threatens to grab more of the vast Arctic oil reserves and has committed Russia to establishing a colony on the moon by 2030.

Red China, meanwhile, is developing a modern navy with aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines to ensure domination of the western Pacific. Despite pleas from Mr. Obama, it has declared vast areas of the Pacific to be its territory, and is increasingly threatening Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and our other allies. It has also been cyber-attacking our most sensitive military and business computers.

Finally, Iran is rapidly building a nuclear bomb and conducting covert operations around the globe against Israel. With the help of our anti-defense president, Iran may strike American soil in a manner more devastating than the Orlando nightclub attacks.

The response to the global threats by Mr. Obama has been less security, empty threats, limited airstrikes, ineffective economic sanctions, U.S.-military cuts and fewer American arms.


U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)


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