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President Obama, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Rodham Clinton say that climate change is more dangerous to future generations than terrorism. They are advocating spending trillions of dollars to pretend they can control temperatures within one degree 100 years out, and that they can control sea levels. They advocate destroying industries that have greatly improved our quality and length of life. I believe the American people are entitled to some actual scientific facts instead of talking points.

In the 1920s scientists warned that because of warming and the melting ice, coastal cities would soon disappear. Then why did Earth cool so much from 1945 to 1976 that the experts were warning about a disastrous ice age if rising carbon dioxide, rapidly increasing populations, industrialization and fossil fuels cause warming?

According to the Universal Corporation for Atmospheric Research, the temperature today is around 152 degrees warmer than it was in 1880. Wouldn’t that be within the margin of error, especially since the “Little Ice Age” ended around 1800?

After Hurricane Katrina, we were told that hurricanes would be more frequent and stronger than ever. Why, then, have the past 10 years been some of the mildest on record as far as hurricanes go?

Government agencies and East Anglia University have repeatedly manipulated temperature data when weather data didn’t support their dire computer predictions. Why haven’t they been prosecuted?

There is a large amount of information available that shows that the Earth’s climate has always been cyclical. It is a shame that the media doesn’t do some simple research instead of just repeating the talking points of leftist politicians that humans cause climate change.

It is also a shame that there continues to be a great deal of effort to shut up skeptics like me. They call us “climate-change deniers” even though we all know that the climate has always changed cyclically and naturally.


Springfield, Ill.


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