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Much of America lives in a bubble filled with self-denial and ignorance. Many believe there is no such thing as a terrorist threat; others are simply ignorant of the jihadi mindset. The media gets in a huff when a terrorist attack occurs but other than that, they don’t say much about terrorism. Politicians are reticent about the subject nowadays. Yet the FBI investigates terrorist-related organizations and activities in all 50 states.

Brussels is replete with terrorist cells that are thriving in its midst. One such cell received its wake-up call to go into action on the morning of March 22. More than 30 individuals conspired and participated to launch their murderous attack against the citizens of that great and pristine Belgian city.

Likewise, America possesses its share of what are currently inert jihadi cells living an innocuous daily existence under the nation’s radar of suspicion. However, the time is coming whereby one or more of these groups, whether the Islamic State or al Qaeda, will receive its call to launch murder and mayhem against America. These terrorists’ avowed hatred of the United States is so intense that the use of a low-yield nuclear device, a radioactive non-nuclear weapon or a biological or chemical discharge in either Washington or New York cannot be considered merely as an exercise of academic conjecture.

Although warning signs of another mass-destruction attack have been flashing for years in the United States, the general population doesn’t have a clue what is coming. When this harbinger erupts into reality, America, sad to say, will more than likely collapse to its knees from the effects of such a traumatic shock.


Terre Haute, Ind.

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