- - Tuesday, May 17, 2016

President Obama is deliberately ignoring a scientific fact that everyone should have learned in elementary school (“Obama administration orders transgender bathroom access in all public schools,” Web, May 13). Researchers in the science of biology determined long ago that a human with a specific set of chromosomes was the male of the species, and that a human with a specific, different set of chromosomes was the female. There has never been a scientifically verified, successful ‘sex-change operation’ or ‘transgender procedure.’

To change the sex of a human the hormones would all have to be transformed from the scientifically proven pattern of one sex to the pattern of the opposite sex. This has never been done. One could have antlers surgically implanted in his skull, swear that he identifies as a deer and claim that he has had the first successful ‘species change,’ but the fact is, he would still be human.

“Transgender” is science fiction. To form national laws and government policies based on science fiction is, to say the least, idiotic. When will the president demand that the Environmental Protection Agency add unicorns to the endangered species list?


Mount Airy, Md.

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