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First we were told men wanting to marry men was normal. Consenting adults, we were told, should be able to commit to anyone they want. Why that had to be under the traditional title of marriage was never made clear, but none the less, gay marriage won the day and a segment of Americans has now accepted it as normal.

More recently, transgender has been forced upon society as the new normal. Not only men dressing as women, but men and women slicing off body parts and crafting new genitalia, all in the name of how an individual “feels” about his or her gender. What God created be damned. Normal, we’re told. In fact, Barack Obama believes you and I should pay for it as a regular coverage in Obamacare insurance requirements.

Virile teenage boys curious about the girls’ showers? They need only declare they are feeling feminine and in Barack Obama’s world, they can waltz into the girl’s school locker room and soap up right next to your daughter. That’s normal the president says.

So what could possibly be next? What is the next normal?


I kid you not. Pedophiles are now “coming out” and declaring their sexual proclivity for children is just how they were created. After all, they tell us, who would choose to be that way? That logic sounds alarmingly familiar.

A writer for the liberal publication SALON has come forward and announced to the world he is a pedophile. Todd Nickerson waxes nostalgic about seeing a beautiful little five year old girl and thinking “wow!”. He tries to comfort us by sharing that she was very precocious, very advanced for a five year old and very independent. He says all of that with a straight face. He justifies his sexual attraction to a five year old by saying she was very advanced for her age.

Nickerson says his purpose in life is to help others like him…other pedophiles…to express themselves and to come out in the open. Listen to that carefully. His purpose is to normalize those that are sexually attracted to children. Sound crazy? It wasn’t all that long ago we said the same thing about cross dressers and transvestites. Now they are “normal”.

It seems Nickerson isn’t alone in his effort to normalize those with perverted thoughts about children. There is a new web site put together specifically for what they call “virtuous pedophiles”. The site has two founders that come out by telling their stories and encouraging communication from like minded individuals. Both say they were molested as kids, but doubt whether that had anything to do with their twisted thoughts. They want others to realize there are many like them…that they are…dare I say it…normal.

Todd Nickerson blames society for not being understanding and ultimately says that we need to find a middle ground where society and pedophiles can come together.

No we don’t.

When I stood up for traditional marriage between a man and a woman, as it had been for thousands of years, I was accused of being hateful or phobic. Neither is accurate. When I spoke out that transgender individuals need psychiatric care, not the reshaping of society or of their body parts to fit their whims I was accused of being intolerant.

Now comes the next step down the dark hall of normalizing what clearly isn’t. Pedophiles. On this one, if you accuse me of hate or anger, you just may be right. Society does not need to find a middle ground to placate sexual deviants that get off on innocent children.

Keep an eye out however, for that same progressive group that has stepped forward in the name of tolerance in the past. It appears pedophilia is the next normal for them.

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