- - Monday, May 30, 2016

As President Obama’s corrosive legacy continues to bulldoze the best interests of the American people, we are painfully reminded of just how insidious overwhelming government can be. It is not so different from the tyrannical government that inspired the American Revolution.

Indeed, Mr. Obama’s arrogant, monarchial reign and reckless, narcissistic pursuit of a legacy has been bent on increasing government attacks on our social, political and economic freedoms with unconstitutional executive orders, taxes and regulations. Worse, Mr. Obama has been undermining our economic security with his “climate change” hoax and its wars on oil, coal and natural gas in favor of costly and unreliable solar and wind. This constitutes an overall attack on our economy and cost of living.

Even worse, Mr. Obama has divided our nation, conducted wars on the police and our domestic security, and critically compromised our national defense, military strength and readiness. is expanding romance with Communist nations — Russia, China, Cuba and Vietnam — is surpassed only by his record of allowing the unbridled growth of the Taliban, al-Qaeda, Islamic State and Muslim Brotherhood.

Our only hope after Obama’s eight-year war on America is to reject the continued socialism of Clinton/Sanders and elect conservatives to government. Otherwise we will be committing voter-assisted social, political and economic suicide.

Unfortunately my state of California has long been at the forefront of socialism, with overbearing government attacking the people and business with punishing taxes and regulations, and allowing crime to flourish. Fortunately there is an island of hope in most of San Bernardino County and our Victor Valley high desert community. Here we have solid conservatives both in office and running for office, which is comforting in a world fraught with fear and evil.

Hopefully there are enough culture warriors remaining in our country to overcome our enemies. This November, vote Trump and vote Republican.


Apple Valley, Calif.

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