- - Monday, May 30, 2016

The old saying “Lead, follow or get out of the way” fits President Obama like a glove. He has not the experience to lead a tour of the White House, yet he has the ego to demand that everyone follow him.

We continue to try to train indigenous forces to fight indigenous militias. What’s wrong with this picture? Only once in modern memory has such a model been successful. The Kurds have persevered over the years despite Obama’s ignorance because they have serious skin in the game. Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syrian, Somalia, Yemen, Mexico and a litany of other nations have histories of changing sides quicker than they can change their shorts, yet Obama sees them a “Special Forces.” Nothing special or forceful has ever come from any of them.

Now the president wants to arm Vietnam. Normally I would feel sorry for such a poor judge of character, but I don’t feel sorry for Obama. This is just another distraction orchestrated to waste taxpayer money as he shoots for $22 trillion in debt before leaving office. I can’t wait for Donald Trump to give him the proper send-off on the Capitol steps: “You’re fired.”



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