- - Monday, May 9, 2016

The debate that President Obama insists is settled isn’t settled, after all. The president’s attempt to put an end to the discussion of his fantastical green agenda is a red herring. The president says “climate change” is a fact, and indeed it is. The climate constantly changes. It always has. No argument about that. But the debate goes on about what causes the climate to change. Mr. Obama and his “eco-socialists” have not silenced the skeptics who continue questioning the official explanation of how and why temperatures rise and fall.

“Climate Hustle,” a feature-length documentary film, which has had one nationwide showing already, takes on the central premise of the official climate change position: Man with his heat-trapping industry has broken with nature and threatens to trigger a global climate cataclysm. Only re-engineering the world, to make it run on sun, wind and biofuels, rather than oil and gas, can save man from himself. The film, the work of global warming skeptic Marc Morano, with the assistance of Sarah Palin, Georgia Tech geophysicist Judith Curry and others, questions the shaky premise that human activity is heating the planet.

The documentary played the skunk at the United Nations climate-change garden party in Paris in December, disputing the notion that super hurricanes and tornadoes will flatten areas remaining above water once the melting ice caps submerge the world’s coastal cities. Following the Paris party, the leaders of 192 nations gathered in New York on Earth Day to sign a climate-change deal. But in the generation it took to reach consensus, Americans moved on to more pressing concerns. A Gallup poll in March found that only 42 percent of the public call themselves “environmentalists,” down from 78 percent in 1991.

In the context of the global warming debate, “Climate Hustle” argues that the underlying agenda of the climate change lobby is not about the climate at all. It’s about badgering, to force a globalist administration on the world for redistributing the wealth from prosperous nations to improvident poor ones. The best part for the promoters of the folly is that it guarantees prosperity for a new class of green industrial cronies who got in at the beginning to generating the renewable energy that regular folks are forced to buy. Al Gore, for example, was getting by with a net worth of only a million dollars when he ran for president in 2000, but his career as a celebrity climate activist has boosted his holdings to $200 million. He lives in a house that consumes enough electricity to light a small town. Green is also the color of the dollar.

Where money is at stake, protecting the franchise is crucial. Seventeen U.S. state attorneys general have formed a coalition to investigate ExxonMobil for fraud by questioning the legitimacy of the climate change establishment. Bill Nye, the so-called “the science guy,” wants to imprison anyone who questions the official theory of how and why the globe warms.

John Coleman, the founder of the Weather Channel, and an actual meteorologist, calls the pursuit of global-warming skeptics “the most awful thing since Galileo was jailed for saying the Earth was not the center of the universe.” But the harder the global warming industry tries to silence the skeptics, the more apparent it becomes that the concern over climate change is a matter of funds, rather than facts.

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