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Cocktail parties. The Washington Correspondents Dinner. The Gridiron Club.

Journalists cozying up to federal officials and political campaigns. Lobbyists seeking influence over administration careerists. Elected officials hiring pollsters, mailers, public affairs agents, in order to spin their selective narrative to the American public.

The Washington, D.C., establishment is an elite group that seeks to protect their power, position and influence. Hillary Clinton’s tentacles are so deep and long in it, she will never be able to drain the swamp, because she lives and thrives in it.

Take for example a report in Tuesday’s Washington Examiner.

Peter Kadzik, assistant attorney general at the Department of Justice — who assured Congress on Monday that his department will work through the FBI’s probe on Mrs. Clinton’s emails as “expeditiously as possible” — sought to get his son a job on Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign.

According to WikiLeak’s documents, Mr. Kadzik has a personal relationship with John Podesta, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman.

“[Kadzik] was invited to a small birthday gathering for Podesta’s lobbyist brother last year,” the Examiner reports. “Kadzik also dined with Podesta at his home in January when the first FBI probe was well underway.”

The report continues: “In 2008, Podesta raved about Kadzik to Cassandra Butts, a member of President Obama’s transition team, and noted Kadzik was ‘willing to help’ with vetting for Obama’s Cabinet.

” ‘Fantastic lawyer. Kept me out of jail,’ Podesta wrote of Kadzik.”

How quaint. This may be how D.C. works, but to the average American, it’s a bit sickening.

Mr. Kadzik isn’t the only person within the Justice Department who has benefited from Clinton Inc.

Just last week, the Wall Street Journal broke a story detailing how the wife of Andrew McCabe, who is second in command at the FBI, received a $500,000 campaign donation from close Clinton confidant and Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

WikiLeak emails have also exposed the cozy relationship Mrs. Clinton’s team has with the press — whether its reporters seeking approval on their stories and specific quotes, or Donna Brazile leaking debate questions to the candidate, the list is long and examples plentiful.

The leaked emails also lay bare how the Clintons’ used their foundation and Mrs. Clinton’s position at the State Department to enrich themselves. Huma Abedin, while working at the State Department, fast-tracked meetings with foreign dignitaries who donated to the Clinton Foundation. Doug Band, while working at the foundation, sought corporate donors, while also lobbying them to pay Mr. Clinton for private speeches and vacation travel.

The culture in Washington, D.C., will not change overnight. But with the Clintons in charge, it will never change, because it’s too personally profitable for them.

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