- - Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I am a Chinese immigrant and have been a supporter of the Democratic Party since I got my U.S. citizenship. I have voted in Maryland for Rep. Chris Van Hollen several times, but I won’t be voting for him this year as he runs for the Senate. I won’t vote for him at any time in the future, either. My family and I have had enough of the Democrats.

We have had enough injustice and unfairness from Democratic leaders in government at all levels. The last straw was a car accident involving my father and an illegal immigrant last December. The illegal immigrant apparently ran a red light and severely damaged my father’s car. Despite much evidence that the accident was the other driver’s fault, the local police department refused to investigate the case. On the contrary, they protected the woman. As a result, my father was not able to get any compensation from her.

When we shared our story with others we found that our experience was just the tip of the iceberg. If people have accidents with illegal immigrants, there is no way for the victims to get any compensation from the violators because illegal immigrants are protected by the Democratic leaders in Montgomery County, Maryland, in Congress and in the White House. Illegals are like ‘super citizens’ here.

We need law and order. Therefore I call on all my fellow Chinese Americans to vote for the Republican Party this election: Kathy Szeliga for Senate and Donald Trump for president. I am proud of becoming a “deplorable and irredeemable Republican.” Let’s make America great again.


Rockville, Md.

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