- - Tuesday, November 15, 2016

There are many who claim that Hillary Clinton’s election loss was a matter of gender bias. That is simply untrue. To paraphrase Shakespeare, the fault is not in her gender but in herself. Mrs. Clinton’s campaign made some strategic errors, but fundamentally she was rejected because of her conduct, corruption and lack of credibility.

Her campaign engaged in disgusting chicanery, which she colluded in and condoned, from the Donald Duck ploy, to sending thugs to disrupt Trump rallies and injure Trump supporters, to George Soros’ faulty voting machines. She incorporated the Clinton Foundation into her position as secretary of State, which she prostituted by engaging in pay-for-play schemes involving the wealthy, both foreign and domestic, who sought political access and influence. Whether her handling of confidential emails is deemed careless, cavalier or criminal, Mrs. Clinton’s conduct was totally un-befitting of anyone seeking the presidency.

The concept of a female head of state is not novel on the world stage. After all, we have had Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi and Margaret Thatcher. In the United States, women have served and do serve as corporate CEOs. They hold positions in local and state legislative bodies and in Congress. They are well represented in the judiciary, including the three Supreme Court associate justices. And one day we will elect a female president. But hopefully that choice will be made based on her intelligence, character, patriotism and political acumen, not her gender.


Silver Spring

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