- - Thursday, November 17, 2016

From Greece this week, President Obama cited economic anxiety as the reason for the Democrats’ 2016 election loss.

The financial malaise of the past eight to 12 years certainly was part of the argument against the current administration, but that wasn’t the main reason Hillary Clinton lost. She lost because she was a terrible candidate and the Democratic Party showed itself to be as crooked as she is.

It was a reaction against the constant stream of scandals that follow the Clintons, as well as the constant stream of lies and misleading stories coming from the Democratic fiction writers in the press and other media forms. It became clear that much of the press, in all its forms, just wasn’t presenting the facts fairly. Frankly, the people had grown tired of it. The number of subscription cancellations to the most prominent newspapers in America — including The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune and more — illustrates and confirms the public’s mistrust of the media. We just don’t believe them anymore and want deep change in our country.

Now we see the impact of the left’s influence and propaganda in our public educational systems, colleges and universities. ‘Safe places,’ ‘Special Snowflakes,’ banning and uninviting speakers who hold a conservative point of view and students crying after Hillary’s shellacking are all examples of how soft and immature this country has become. Are these the leaders of tomorrow? If so, God help us. Hopefully Donald Trump’s example of being a strong leader will put some backbone back into our population, especially the youth.



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