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I am a retired police detective and sergeant and worked criminal cases with the FBI, Secret Service, DEA, ATF, ICE and the U.S. Attorney’s Office. I have first-hand knowledge of what I speak about. I am a licensed attorney in California, Virginia and Maryland and have represented criminal defendants in federal court. The Clinton case was not handled like other federal cases (“The real story behind the FBI’s Clinton investigation,” Web, Oct. 31).

Mr. Kessler goes to great lengths to try to establish that readers are misinformed. His support for this premise is Michael Steinbach, the current executive director in charge of national security investigations. I suspect that Mr. Steinbach would like to leave with a retirement and his shadow-box gift, so the odds that he would come out in public and trash his boss and the U.S. attorney is quite remote.

Mr. Kessler believes that no rebellion is taking place in the FBI. He should speak with former U.S. Attorney Joe DiGenova, who has been approached by FBI agents. They have indicated that the laptops, which had been ordered destroyed, were not destroyed. This constitutes a violation of a direct order and portends a serious rebellion.

Mr. Kessler speaks of Section 793(f) and states that it is never charged alone, but rather in conjunction with some other charge, as in the Gen. David Petraeus case showing his intent.

Hillary Clinton had a civilian company place a secret server in the basement of he home, used it to traffic in national secrets, received secret emails from the president using a false name, lied to Congress, ignored subpoenas for production, destroyed emails, and bleached the server. All her aides hid behind the Fifth Amendment. Intent, anyone?

Mr. Kessler needs to speak to those who have been the target of a “real” FBI investigation (see Raphael Edmunds). It is thorough and brutal. When the feds are done, no one is left standing. A real investigation does not hold the hand of the criminal.

Everyone in this country is supposed to be entitled to fair and equal treatment, but the truth is the ruling class gets special handling. I have clients who wonder why white people get better treatment. I tell them to ask the president and Attorney Gen. Loretta Lynch.


Warrenton, Va.

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