- - Sunday, November 27, 2016


Where are the stories of hate crimes committed against Trump supporters? Where was the story of the vicious attack by violent black thugs in Chicago against a lone 50-year-old white man, David Wilcox, who was assumed to be a Trump voter? Where was the story of Timothy Adams, a student at Ohio State, pushed down a flight of stairs by a Trump-hater named Shane Stanton? What about the monument in New Orleans spray-painted with racist graffiti declaring “Die, whites, die!”? Perhaps none of these is politically correct enough for the mainstream media.

And where was the retraction of a story from Lafayette, Louisiana, where a Muslim girl lied about having been attacked? And who knows how many other “hate crimes” supposedly committed by Trump supporters have been fabricated?

Consider journalist Asra Nomani, now vilified by Clinton groupies and the media because she stepped out of the liberal party line and had the courage and honesty to say she voted for Donald Trump. “Liberals don’t have tolerance for people with opinions they don’t want to hear,” she said. So now she will be shunned, threatened and ridiculed by all the supposedly open-minded leftists.

On election night, the mainstream media didn’t even attempt to disguise its disgust for the vote of the people. That night revealed the true nature of the mainstream media: propagandists for the Democratic Party who were willing to do anything and everything to get Hillary Clinton elected. These “journalists” need to leave their ivory towers and talk to some real people, the types they usually look down upon.


New Orleans



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