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The nation hardly faces the threat that Abraham Lincoln beheld when, referring to the angst over slavery, he said “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” The survival of the union was at stake. But the front door to the union has been deliberately put open by President Obama, and that’s danger enough. One presidential election probably can’t fix everything that ails the union, but a good result would inject some common sense into the debate over the immigration policy farce.

The U.S. Supreme Court kicked the immigration can down the road last week, and it’s a can the size of an oil drum. The court declined to take up the case of President Obama’s attempt to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants on his own authority. It’s probably just as well. Following the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, a high court deadlocked 4 to 4 would have been unlikely to gavel the issue away. The 28 states that brought the case against the president’s plan to block deportation of some 5 million so-called “Dreamers,” and hand them work permits instead, will remain in painful limbo until either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump appoints a ninth justice next year to break the impasse.

A federal appeals court on the same day handed the states a defeat in denying an effort by Gov. Mike Pence to prevent federal officials from settling Syrian refugees in Indiana soil. When FBI Director James Comey concedes that he lacks the means to screen the thousands of Syrians Mr. Obama is seeding around the country, no doubt including terrorist sleeper cells, Mr. Pence has a duty to defend his people.

Hillary Clinton’s surrogates gloat that this has put a dent in the Donald’s wish for a “big, beautiful wall” to halt illegal immigration. Worse may be on the way. A leak of Democratic emails over the weekend, reveals that she said in one of her quarter-of-a-million dollar speeches to Wall Street that “my dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders.” With that she let slip that, like President Obama, her heart belongs with the globalists, not the Americans. The right to vote, fortunately, is alive and well.

Meanwhile, back at the border, federal agents are sending up an SOS as illegals surge into the United States at a record pace. The U.S. Border Patrol reports that agents counted 54,052 unaccompanied minors surging across the border through August, a rate higher than in 2014. The smugglers are telling children to hurry northward, that their chance to flee will disappear if Donald Trump is elected.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, under the president’s command, has conducted a false-flag maneuver by honoring a prominent open-borders activist who assists aliens who enter illegally. Antonia Hernandez, an immigrant from Mexico, has received the Outstanding American by Choice award, given annually for “significant contributions and achievements of a naturalized” American citizen. New citizens working to better their adopted homeland deserve applause, but Ms. Hernandez’s efforts to remove English as the nation’s language and her open-borders advocacy are more to the benefit of Mexico than to the United States.

In her own words, Hillary tells of her dream to wedge the border open wider. Messrs. Trump and Pence have pledged to cancel the open borders policy. The alternatives in November are a sovereign nation or a broken land in chaos. The house divided must choose.

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