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The fix is in.

In sports jargon that phrase means someone has tried to influence the outcome of a sporting event, usually before the competition actually began. Perhaps a fighter was paid off to take a dive. Maybe a skilled baseball batter intentionally strikes out at a key moment. The methods of influence range from cash to intimidation to promises of future favors. The one common thread is outside entities impacting the outcome of the game.

Politics is no different. The fix is in.

The 2016 presidential race features two incredibly flawed candidates. Judged on their own merits, either candidacy could implode anywhere along the line. They are not however, both being judged on their merits. Outside parties are trying their best to influence the outcome of the election. The fix is in.

Exhibit A is the mainstream media. The major television networks, the cable news networks and America’s largest print publications are all actively advocating for Hillary Clinton. Each picks and chooses what stories to report and which to ignore. Case in point is the recent dualing “scandals.”

Donald Trump was captured on tape in 2005 saying crude things about women and what he’d like to do with them. Embarrassing, unflattering and not very presidential.

Within two hours of the Trump story, Wikileaks unloaded thousands of emails that showed Hillary Clinton speeches where she said she’d like open borders and open trade (the opposite of what she says publicly). Communication where Hillary Clinton says that Jordan can’t possibly vet all those refugees from Syria and acknowledges that Jihadists are coming in along with legitimate refugees (the opposite of what she says publicly). Emails indicating Hillary’s intention is to dampen the 2nd amendment via executive order as President of the USA (the opposite of what she says publicly). There are countless more examples of where Hillary says one thing publicly and something quite different to her inner circle and big money contributors. Ironically she also advocates for politicians having a public position and a private position on the same issue.

How can a candidate that 70 percent of America thinks is neither honest nor trustworthy get away with these intentional deceptions now made public? Because the mainstream media simply refuses to report them. The fix is in.

As of the beginning of this week the major networks had spent 198 minutes of news time talking about Donald Trump’s tawdry and offensive locker room conversation from yesteryear. Those same networks had spent a grand combined total of 11 minutes talking about Hillary’s leaked email information. Virtually no coverage of her preference for open borders, gun control or the fact that she supports the refugee program while knowing for sure that jihadists are coming to the U.S. among them. The fix is in.

The print media is no better. In order to secure an interview with Hillary Clinton the New York Times, ostensibly the most credible news organization in America, agreed to give Hillary Clinton complete veto authority over the article resulting from that interview. If she didn’t like the content? No problem, they would change it. What if Clinton perceived after the fact that something she said was unflattering? No worries. The NYT would simply delete it before going to print. The fix was in.

Ditto the Boston Globe, which kindly gave Clinton advice during campaign season as to when she could get the maximum attention and benefit from an op-ed and follow up article in their paper.

What about Mrs. Clinton’s Houdini act getting out of the seemingly inescapable home-brew server scandal and irresponsible handling of sensitive classified information? How do we explain that other than her pure innocence? Simple … the fix is in.

As it turns out Hillary Clinton’s press secretary, Brian Fallon, is the former spokesman for the Department of Justice. A 2015 internal Clinton email from Fallon said that “DOJ folks had informed him about an upcoming status conference in one of the lawsuits regarding Clinton’s private email set up.” It appears Fallon was tipped to the info before it was made public. The United States Department of Justice was doing all it could at the time of an ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton to aid and assist her. The fix was in.

The FBI, a part of that same Department of Justice, promised a fair, thorough and impartial investigation into Clinton. During the course of the investigation however, they granted immunity to five (yes, five) Clinton witnesses and even went so far as to agree to destroy the computer hard drives of Clinton State Department Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills (and one other witness) when the FBI had finished their investigation. This despite a standing order from Congress for the information on those same computers. They didn’t require Hillary to be under oath for her interview with them. The fix was in.

Just days before the FBI released its findings in the investigation former President Bill Clinton arranged a private one-on-one meeting with the head of Justice, Attorney General Loretta Lynch. The fix was in.

The Department of State, over which Hillary ruled until early 2013, carefully orchestrated which emails they would and would not release in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, and prior to releasing any material, the State Department would notify Hillary and her campaign team exactly what was forthcoming. Again, Team Clinton knew before the public. The fix was in.

Leaked emails released just prior to the Democratic National Convention this summer demonstrated that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) had actively worked in favor of Hillary Clinton and against her primary opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders. Taking sides in the primary season is a no-no and cost Debbie Wasserman-Schultz her (DNC) chairmanship. Even during primary season the fix was in.

Brought in to replace Wasserman-Schultz was longtime DNC operative Donna Brazile.

Through information released this week we’ve come to learn that Brazile took sides, too. She leaked dirt on Senator Sanders and warned the Clinton camp last winter/spring about info Sanders was sharing with the DNC. It appears many of those in positions of authority with the DNC were going to make sure the fix was in.

The exclamation point on the Donna Brazile piece is that prior to becoming DNC queen, she worked as an analyst at CNN. She took advantage of her access there by sharing CNN Town Hall questions with the Clinton campaign a day before the event. Talk about the fix being in.

Donald Trump is a flawed candidate. But regardless of this strengths or weaknesses, apparently he didn’t ever have a chance. As the pieces all come together one thing is abundantly clear.

The fix is in.

President-elect Hillary Clinton. As disturbing as that phrase sounds, get used to it. The election is less than four weeks away.

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