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Hacking files of other people is not nice, and if the FBI finds out who’s doing it the perps should be punished, even if they’re Russians, and severely. But we’re nevertheless learning some interesting things in the WikiLeaks disclosures. This sudden mania for disclosure of bad language and naughty behavior encourages others to contribute entertaining and embarrassing videos.

One new video, with footage made by CNN News, appears to show Barack Obama in full action mode aboard his campaign plane in 2008, with his legs apart to demonstrate to several women aboard that he has no need of help from Viagra.

The president, who was then only a candidate, is talking on a cellphone as he arises from his seat to enable a female reporter to see something that obviously makes her uncomfortable, and sends her fleeing to the back of the plane. Mr. Obama neither retreats nor retrenches, but appears to position himself to give others a better view. A female voice orders everyone to sit down, perhaps to fasten their seat belts, accompanied by a chorus of girlish giggles. The video spread quickly Wednesday on Twitter, the source of all things erudite and profound.

In better news, the Hillary Clinton campaign reports that several professional athletes, veterans of the football wars of the NFL and the basketball combat of the NBA, have rushed to assure everyone — no doubt thinking of mothers, wives and girlfriends — that Donald Trump had slurred locker rooms everywhere with his description of his infamous boasts of sexual prowess as “locker-room banter.” The heroes of real men everywhere say they have never heard naughty talk in their locker rooms.

This is good news indeed. The athletes of the professional leagues (and some gladiators still in college, too) had earned a reputation of being hard on women, sometimes roughing them up with more than talk, inflicting cuts and bruises that would earn a flag and whistle for unsportsmanlike conduct on field or hardwood. It’s good to know that locker rooms are safe at last for the ladies.

Perhaps this reassurance will restore the good name of Americans everywhere. Christine Amanpour, the distinguished interviewer for CNN, had just about finished a conversation with Sergey Lavrov, the foreign minister of Russia, and couldn’t resist asking about the most important issue of this or any other day.

“Can I just try one last question?” she asked. “A bit cheeky but I’m going to ask you. Russia had its own Pussy Riot moment [when several members of the feminist punk rock group called Pussy Riot were imprisoned for official impertinence]. What do you think of Donald Trump’s pussy-riot moment?”

“Well,” Mr. Lavrov replied, uneasily. “I don’t know what this would …” He paused, summoning his practiced diplomatic skills. “English is not my mother tongue. I don’t know if I would sound decent. There are so many pussies around the presidential campaign on both sides that I prefer not to comment on this.”

At last, a real gentleman.

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