- - Thursday, October 13, 2016

Recently released emails show that the Justice Department was in contact with the Hillary Clinton campaign, warning it about various aspects of the criminal investigation into Clinton. This means that the fix (as anyone whose been paying attention already knows) was in. The Democratic nominee for president is a criminal who is not in prison because Obama’s Justice Department is totally corrupt.

The second issue of criminality is the Clinton Foundation. This “non-profit” has taken in $2 billion, of which has been given to charity. And most of that was distributed to Clinton friends, particularly in the Haiti relief effort.

Most non-profits must distribute most of their contributions for their stated purpose, or else lose their tax exemption. The Clinton Foundation has never been audited because of the corrupt IRS (which illegally went after most tea party groups), and has allowed it to become a massive slush fund.

Much of this would not be happening without theClintons’ willing accomplices, the mainstream media. We need more authentic journalists. If you’re not objective, your’re not a journalist. You’re just a hack to be used as a propaganda vehicle. Instead of being a necessary force for liberty, you are liberty’s worse enemy.

I’ve read that when the Founding Fathers drafted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, their primary concern was not freedom, but justice. Without justice there can be no freedom. So wake up voters, but particularly Democrats, because if you are willing to vote for a career criminal, what will you tell your grandchildren when they ask; Where were you when they were doing this to my country?


Mt. Lebanon, Pa.

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