- - Sunday, October 2, 2016


Here we go again with the perennial federal-government shutdown. Congress should have completed both committee and legislative action to fund the 12 cabinet-level departments and federal agencies, as well as the special programs, months ago, prior to its summer-long sojourn. But of course it didn’t.

These politicians are in the process of pushing for a continuing resolution to keep the government funded. Otherwise, the government runs out of money. This manipulative ruse, which lacks all legislative accountability and transparency, is nothing new given the fact this technique has been a part of the usual funding methodology employed by these so-called congressional leaders over these nascent years of the 21st century.

Millions of Americans depend on a host of federal-government programs affected by such nonsense. Of course these Washington politicians with their Herculean salaries and benefits are not affected by the dislocations. In that context, should an extended government shutdown occur, congressional members and their respective staff’s income streams and benefits should likewise be discontinued.

Perhaps these congressional clowns would then finally realize the time had arrived to begin acting in a statesman-like fashion as elected representatives on behalf of the American people, and not for their core special-interest, lobbyist-backed, campaign-funded constituencies or their own economic interests.


Terre Haute, Ind.



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