- - Thursday, October 20, 2016


The FBI and Department of Justice are prosecuting retired four-star Gen. James Cartwright for mishandling classified information, in the apparent belief that this shows the American public the FBI is willing to prosecute even big-shots. FBI Director James “Don’t Call Me a Weasel” Comey is foolish if he actually believes this. Gen. Cartwright wasn’t responsible for leaking classified information; he was trying to suppress its dissemination. His real mistake was not having the political connections required to avoid being made a fall guy.

The behavior of the FBI and Justice Department makes clear to even the dimmest among us that those very agencies created to uphold the rule of law have been reduced to political operatives for the Obama administration. Richard Nixon was impeached for deleting 18 minutes of an audiotape. Hillary Clinton erased thousands of emails under subpoena; her accomplices tried to bribe FBI agents to remove classified notations from documents; and one of her emails included the name of an Iranian double agent who has since been executed.

Is there not one honest man or woman in the FBI who will step forward publicly to denounce the charades that pass for judicial investigations? With the election of Hillary Clinton, the corruption of our government will be largely complete and probably irreversible. As I weep for my country, can we at least stop being subjected to absurdly false references to Mr. Comey’s integrity and commitment to justice?



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