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Rhode Island man Alan Sorrentino is disgusted with women over college age who wear yoga pants in public, so he decided to send a missive to the editor of his hometown paper, the Barrington Times.

Unfortunately for him, his street address was published with his letter and now he has a protest parade on his hands come Sunday afternoon, CBS Boston reported Friday.

At the time of this writing, nearly 200 individuals said they were attending the event, while nearly 450 had expressed interest in doing so.

A group of women are using Facebook to plan a “Yoga Pants Parade” on Sunday, marching past Knapton Street, where Mr. Sorrentino resides. 

In his Oct. 19 letter, Mr. Sorrentino blasted the “bizzare and disturbing” spectacle of seeing “mature, adult” women clad in yoga pants in public, saying they don’t “compliment a women [sic] over 20 years old.”

“Do yourself a favor, grow up and stop wearing them in public,” he concluded.

Mr. Sorrentino’s comments spurred angry rebuttals to the Barrington Times and pointed comments on Facebook.

“This is part of a much bigger problem with our society where people (particularly men) think it is their place and duty to tell people (particularly women) how they should look, mainly in regard to their WEIGHT and fashion,” Amanda Barry wrote on the “Yoga Pants Parade” Facebook page. “If this is your first time noticing this, now you won’t be able to ‘un-see’ it. Once you are enlightened to this fact, you will notice it EVERYWHERE.”

But another woman who supports the march urged participants to have some measure of sympathy for Mr. Sorrentino due to personal matters she claimed he was dealing with. 

“I have not met this man personally, but he is my mom’s neighbor. …” noted Lauren Swick Jordan. “Please keep this in mind during your walk and try to keep the tone positive and fun as opposed to angry if you could — we never know what any individual is dealing with behind closed doors. Thank you for considering this tomorrow.”

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