- - Tuesday, October 25, 2016

We have written extensively about the new axis of power in the Middle East between Shia Iran and Syria, and the Russian Federation. Now word comes that Iran is soon to secure a land corridor from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean. This long-coveted access to Arab lands, North Africa, and Europe/NATO’s underbelly is the Holy Grail for a new Iranian hegemony in the region. The land bridge is being established by Iranian proxy forces and militias in Iraq and Syria. Hezbollah, the arch-enemy of Israel, is heavily involved.

The operation seems to be headed by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and their General Qassem Soleimani who has also visited Moscow multiple times in violation of United Nations sanctions. He is coordinating the actions of Iran proxy forces in Iraq and Syria.

“After 12 years of conflict in Iraq and an even more savage conflict in Syria, Iran is now closer than ever to securing a land corridor that will anchor it in the region – and potentially transform the Islamic Republic’s presence on Arab lands,” The Guardian quotes a European official. “They will be able to move people and supplies between the Mediterranean and Tehran whenever they want, and they will do so along safe routes that are secured by their people or their proxies.”

The corridor is being established through the Iraqi province of Dayala, via the recently captured town of Shargat by Iranian proxy forces. From there, the route will pass through Syrian Kurdish controlled territory and finally to Latakia in government controlled Syria.

“Turkey has been especially opposed, fearful of what such a development means for Iran’s relationship with the PKK (the Kurdistan Workers’ party), the restive Kurds in its midst, on whom much of the plan hinges,” again reports The Guardian.

The creation of this Iranian corridor will have especially negative effects on Israel, which will now see its enemy Hezbollah able to receive a constant supply of munitions and supplies from Tehran. Hezbollah recently said that after the Syrian civil war ended they would refocus their sights on Israel. It seems this warning now carries a much more ominous tone. The Obama administration’s agenda of weakening U.S. power in the region and building up the Islamic Republic’s, seems to be working famously.

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