- The Washington Times - Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Actor Matthew Modine said Donald Trump has a penchant for hiring gorgeous but unqualified secretaries to serve as office eye candy for the real-estate developer and his male employees.

The “Stranger Things” star told Variety magazine the story in a recent interview, although he himself did not witness the alleged misconduct.

“I know someone who took a summer intern job with him, a 15-year-old boy, who noticed one day that the secretaries didn’t really speak English, that they didn’t know how to type, that they didn’t really know how to do secretarial work,” Mr. Modine told Variety. “He thought it was his duty to tell Donald that they weren’t proficient at their secretarial work and he said, ‘Hey kid, I don’t hire them to be secretaries.’ “

Mr. Modine added that Mr. Trump then placed some papers on the floor of his office and summoned a secretary to come in to bend over and collect them.

“He was teaching a 15-year-old, this is how you treat women and these are the women that you want to have around your office,” Mr. Modine concluded his unconfirmed account.

Mr. Modine, a political liberal, has long been an outspoken critic of conservatives, particularly on immigration issues, where Mr. Trump stakes a particularly conservative stand on border security and immigration enforcement.

“We’re all kind of illegal immigrants in the United States. We came here and took the land from the natives that lived here, and because of some horrible thing called Manifest Destiny, we thought we could righteously destroy millions of people’s lives,” Mr. Modine told a Maryland audience in May 2012, Politico reported at the time. “There’s no rewriting history. We can’t go back. But what we can do is try to be better people and to be far more forgiving of other people. The kind of values and integrity that existed in this country, certainly with my grandparents and my parents, post-Second World War parents, seems to be lost in this country.”

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