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I have been doing a number of media interviews lately, and the question always arises, “Who is going to win the election, Hillary or Trump?” This is followed almost immediately by, “What about the polls?” Because of the media’s obsession with predicting the election’s outcome, these two questions are almost the same.

My answers are, “I don’t know.” I don’t know why the media is so intent on predicting the outcome of the election that they mostly overlook analysis of the differences in policy and direction of the two major party candidates. I don’t why Donald Trump’s alleged sex life is more important than Mrs. Clinton’s routine endangerment of America’s national security. I don’t know why the polling companies have not adjusted their protocols for the selection of the millions of people who have not previously registered to vote in presidential elections. There is a lot that I don’t know.

But one thing I do know: Someone will eventually be elected the next president of the United States of America. It would be more helpful to the integrity of the process if the media had not decided to blatantly represent the Democrat at the expense of the Republican. The polls, especially those reported and sponsored by the major media should really be sideshows to the main event which is the campaign itself, rather than the story which dominates the news coverage.

When people talk about the “establishment,” they frequently forget that the media companies are part of the “establishment.” The “establishment” includes elected officials, sometimes over-zealous bureaucrats, prosperous lobbyists, large corporations and politically motivated judges. But the “establishment” also includes the media, both the companies which act like most large corporations in their pursuit of profits and the reporters, anchors and writers, whose stock-in-trade is their connections, friends, informants and sponsors. And, like the rest of the “establishment,”  the media are also anti-Trump. There is only a thin patina of objectivity – better understood as a non-partisan viewpoint – under which the media tries to hide.

This is the huge apple cart that Donald Trump and the movement he leads is trying to upset. No wonder it is so hard! All of the powers that be are against everything he stands for. This power elite, which rules from Washington, D.C., New York and Los Angeles, is throwing everything they have against the usurper from the world of business. Of course, they are predicting his defeat.

If he wins, he will bring with him a whole new crew of outsiders who will change everything – the “rules,” the people in power, the pathways to getting anything done by the government, the view of the world outside our borders – in short the whole way of conducting government business. Many of today’s elite power brokers will not survive. They will lose power, they will lose prestige, and many will lose money. The elected officials, and the bureaucrats, contractors and lobbyists who comprise the defense establishment, the welfare establishment, the foreign policy establishment, the health care establishment, the financial establishment – as well as the media – worry that the federal funds which have been their life blood will shrink, perhaps disappear, if the new team truly attacks the national debt as advertised. No more sacred cows – except perhaps Social Security, which they have been raiding to fund their mammoth deficits since Lyndon Johnson in the 1960s.

So, of course, they are fighting with everything they have. Not only hiring thugs to disrupt Trump rallies (then blame him for inciting to violence), spreading the worst slanders imaginable (to be picked up by the media as gospel), slanting polls to discourage Trump voters from voting, and in fact stuffing the ballots with Democrat propaganda as discovered recently in Fairfax Virginia. But also they suborned the Justice Department to bury Mrs. Clinton’s crimes against National Security and funded the Clinton campaign with unheard of amounts of money. They know that Hillary, bent as she is by “Pay to Play,” must win this election if today’s establishment is to survive.

No, I don’t know who is going to win the election. But I do know why Donald Trump is worried about the election being rigged against him. The only way he can win this one is if the people win it for him.

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