- - Tuesday, October 4, 2016


If those with an informed and visceral objection to the prospect of Hillary Clinton holding court in the Oval Office are indeed deplorable and irredeemable, then count me in. Now what happens? Do I and half of the voting public get some kind of distinguishing mark so we can be easily identified and properly shunned? I heard something about compulsory marks of identification being used in Germany and Poland a while back. They used stars and such to identify their deplorable and irredeemable. Do we qualify for such marks of distinction?

Clearly Mrs. Clinton cannot conceive of her opposition as peopled by people, let alone by those who have lived, learned and concluded that the snake oil she is peddling will never mix with their water. The only one responsible for that failed fusion is Mrs. Clinton herself.

I am the first to concede that the alternative to her Mao-style pantsuits is not what I would prefer. One can only ascribe the Republican Party’s inability to advance a stronger challenger to the shoot-yourself-in-the-foot fracturing that is consistently leaving conservatives on the outside looking in. Due to its abject failure to coalesce long enough to challenge and defeat the party that brought us stale ideas, sophomoric leadership, victimology, criminal waste, willful blindness and the “narrative,” Republicans are headed for another stint in the cheap seats.

But while I sit on my splintered bench nursing my soft drink that went flat on the climb up and watching the miniature players move back and forth that tiny green rectangle, I will do so consoled by the knowledge that although I am deplorable and irredeemable, at least I’m not a Democrat.


Leonardtown, Md.



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