- - Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hi Donald,

Let me start by saying that we realize you have learned more about campaigning for president in the past year than all us writers put together. We’ve never run for dog-catcher, let alone president of the United States of America.

That being said, I’m sure you realize that you are no longer just a private businessman. You are now the face of a movement of vast numbers of your fellow Americans. For many of these folks, you have revived their hopes that something can be done about the way this country has been run in the past several years. They look at the national debt, the sluggish economy, and the continuous foreign wars of the past generation. Most of all, they see their paychecks stagnant, jobs disappearing, highways collapsing, huge banks defrauding their customers. They wonder if their own future and especially that of their children is looking darker and darker as Americans face the decline of America and perhaps the poverty of a new and permanent Depression.

For years, all politicians did about all these trends was talk, talk, talk. Then along comes Donald J. Trump speaking plain English and calling out the powers that be. People began to believe that maybe change really can happen — if this guy can do what he says. So, they want to hear more. and what do they hear?

They hear about Rosie O’Donnell, and beauty queens and birthers, and a lot of trivial stuff they could not care less about. It’s embarrassing! Is the guy we been waiting for turning out to be the flim-flam man? Folks don’t really care about all that stuff. They want to know what you are going to do. And you can’t just say it once and expect everybody to remember and believe you. You have to say it over and over again with a little more detail every time. You can’t use all this valuable time you have been given to bloviate about every little (or even big) insult they throw at you. Even the most dedicated advocates of change don’t want a man with his finger on the nuclear trigger who is a thin-skinned hot-head, who is liable to start war over somebody insulting his hair!

You can’t let all these people down, Donald! You’ve got a lot of enemies out there. Democrats are not the only ones afraid of the changes you represent. There is a vigorous bipartisan “establishment” actively fighting for business as usual. You have been swinging at sucker pitches in recent days, wasting your reputation and the good will of all your supporters by spending your time on trivia. The bad guys are baiting you with nonsense. A guy in your position has to grow thick skin because you are fair game for anyone who wants to throw a dart at you. Get over it and get on with your message.

Because, if you haven’t noticed, your opponent is now starting the same trick her husband used on Bob Dole in 1996. Bill Clinton sewed up the Democrat base and then began to sound just like a Republican. He beat impeachment, fruitless wars in Europe, and a Republican Congress by impersonating a “small government Republican”. I just listened to Hillary give a speech in Toledo, Ohio, and she sounded just like you! I thought at any moment she was going to say, “Let’s make America great again!” While you have been stealing headlines by making accusations against her, the media, the system, the beauty queen and all the rest, she has started stealing your thunder!

As you know better than anyone, the people backing you are those who are so distressed by the current state of the country that they are willing to risk a Trump-led overhaul of the federal government. They look at all these dangerous trends and ask, “What do we have to lose?”

On the other hand, they look at Hillary Clinton, her commitment to advancing socialism and her checkered past and think, “She wants to follow Obama to the American version of the Fall of the Roman Empire. So we can either just sit by and watch it happen, or we can take a chance on a proactive change agent like Trump“.

That is what this election is all about, as you know better than anyone, Donald. Don’t let her steal your issues and pose as another, safer change agent than Donald J. Trump. If you keep your eye on the ball you will win, and all the people who trust you will finally win with you — after years in the wilderness. But if the leader of the reform movement is not trustworthy, not a cool head under pressure, they won’t take the risk. They will all stay home as usual, and you will lose, and so will they.

The odds are always with the status quo in any such contest. As a boss of my youth used to say, “The organism resists change”. But millions of people have faith that you can overcome those odds. You just have to keep your eye on the ball. No more sucker swings.

You can do it, my friend, Like Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, you can change history and put the American Century on the path to another 100 years. Even at 70 years old, you have to grow a new skin, as thick as a rhinoceros. Give a new meaning to “RINO”!

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