- The Washington Times - Saturday, September 10, 2016

You have to give the Clinton campaign props for their chutzpah!  Hillary Clinton and President Obama have been hitting the campaign trail mocking Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s Russian business connections and his comments regarding Vladimir Putin, calling him a “strong leader for Russia.”

Obviously Trump’s statement is simply factually true but the Clinton campaign is trying to turn Trump into some type of Russian puppet, someone Lenin used to call a “useful idiot.”

While at the same time, the Iran nuclear “deal” where President Obama lied to the American people over and over again — we still don’t know to what extent —and that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has openly supported, funds the Russian treasury by tens of billions of dollars.  The cash that Obama shipped Iran,  — $30 billion at last known count — most likely went to fund terrorism around the world, and that’s a lot of terror.  However, the other tens of billions that Iran received are going to fund the Kremlin’s hybrid warfare campaign against the West.

Iran has bought several sophisticated S-300 anti-aircraft weapon systems from Moscow.  These are hardening Iranian nuclear targets as we speak.  Iran is also looking at licensing the Russian T-90 tank technology for production inside the Islamic Republic.  There are negotiations underway to sell Iran the Russian Sukhoi fighter aircraft.  Russia is helping Iran build nuclear power projects inside Iran.

All in all, tens of billions of dollars have flown to Iran, via weapons and technology purchases, from the United States to Russia.  We won’t even mention Clinton advisor John Podesta’s Russian connections or the speech Bill gave in Moscow for $500,000. 

Yes, the Clinton campaign has chutzpah indeed.  



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