- - Wednesday, September 21, 2016


This week the United States welcomed its 10,000th Syrian refugee. There are 30,000 more waiting in line. This helping of distressed human beings is a big thrill to confused Democrats. It doesn’t matter that last Sunday bombs were set off in New York and New Jersey, or that nine people were sliced with a cleaver in Minnesota. And what was the glue that connected these events? Muslim hatred of western values.

Oh, but hundreds of years ago Christians killed Muslims in the Crusades. As if yesterday’s horrors were quid pro quo. Well, President Obama seems to think so. Then again, Mr. Obama doesn’t think. He just recites ideology.

Some misguided liberals complain that we should help jihadist refugees because we failed to help Jews during World War II. Perhaps they have forgotten that that failure came from their Democratic hero, President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Perhaps they are still so anti-Semitic that they can’t recognize that German Jews were peace-loving, whereas many of these so-called ‘refugees’ are killers.

New York Gov. Cuomo and New York City Mayor De Blasio say we must stand strong. Easy for them to say when they are surrounded by bodyguards. Donald Trump rightly pointed this out with regard to Hillary Clinton. The Democrats twisted this into a threat on Mrs. Clinton’s life.

Mr. Trump wants us to severely vet the refugees. So far the Obama administration has let 92 percent of them in. I think the government should vet the liberals to trace their self-destruction and lack of respect for our country.


New York

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