- - Thursday, September 29, 2016

Washington, a perceptive wit once said, is Hollywood for ugly people. If that’s so, the ugly people in the nation’s capital think of Hollywood as Washington for dumb people with money for brains. The politicians on the left pander to the pretty people for access to their pockets as the place to dig for gold. The dumb and pretty people hang out in the tank for the Democrats because they imagine this makes them sources of wisdom needed to guide the country.

What shocks the Hollywood trolls this year is that Donald Trump and his deplorables have mastered how to use show-biz for success. Love him, as millions do, or hate him, as other millions do, everyone acknowledges that the Donald has used the Hollywood game to make life miserable for Hollywood.

This infuriates the Hollywood trolls no end. “Saturday Night Live,” hanging on beyond its sell-by date on the strength of what it used to be, will parody the first presidential debate on Saturday night with Alec Baldwin playing the Donald. Mr. Baldwin imagines himself as wise as a tree full of owls, but he’s a better actor than political strategist. In real life he’s rude and crude, an abuser of women and a man who promised to move to France if Americans were dumb enough to elect George W. Bush. That was 16 years ago and Mr. Baldwin is regularly sighted at Los Angeles International Airport still trying to hitch a ride to Paris.

Some of the disappointed Great Entertainers on the left coast think maybe all they need is a clever skit on “Saturday Night Live,” or something else on the small screen, to move the masses. One of these Great Entertainers in mourning is Samantha Bee, late of “The Daily Show,” who poses as a shoe-leather reporter and sometime pundit.

The busy Ms. Bee has a television show with an audience that’s modest but big enough to make her an equal in her own mind of The New York Times, Fox News and perhaps even the monthly Journal of the American Vegetarian Society, with the credentials to lecture her colleagues in the media about their moral duty to take down the Donald, or at least take him on. She thinks it’s time to quit “coddling” the Republican candidate by keeping him off the air.

She blames the success of the Donald on the Hollywood obsession with ratings and money. Hollywood obsessed with money and box office? Shocking, certainly, but who knew? She “guesses” that he gets air and face time “because ratings matter more than brown people,” and accuses the Donald of “making life palpably dangerous for Muslims and immigrants.” She hasn’t accumulated much in the way of ratings, but she has learned to use words like George Will. When you are “palpably dangerous,” you are flat parlous, hanging out between Scylla and Charybdis.

Mr. Baldwin, Ms. Bee and the Hollywood legion forget that more Americans live in places like Peoria and Dubuque than in Manhattan and Beverly Hills, and steelworkers, coal miners and mill hands understand more about politics than paid-up members of the Screen Actors Guild. Many voters of both the washed and unwashed persuasion actually voted for George W. back in the day because they took Alec Baldwin at his word, that he would leave the country as promised, and leave the rest of us alone. France would have to take care of itself.

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