- The Washington Times - Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Donald Trump is rejecting Hillary Clinton’s charge that he choked during his recent meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, saying Mrs. Clinton is the choker and that he does not “choke.”

“Let me just tell you about choking — I don’t choke. She chokes,” Mr. Trump said in an interview that aired Tuesday on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

“Look at the [deals] she’s made. She’s responsible for so many bad things that have happened to our country, including the signing by her husband of NAFTA, which has drained our country of its jobs,” he said.

“I’ve been given A-pluses for the job I did in Mexico,” he said. “And the fact is, Mexico will pay for the wall. It was discussed that it wouldn’t be discussed. But they know my stance. And I know their stance.”

Mr. Trump flew to Mexico last Wednesday for a private meeting with Mr. Pena Nieto. At a joint availability after their meeting, Mr. Trump said talk of who would pay for his U.S.-Mexico border wall did not come up, but Mr. Pena Nieto later tweeted that he made it clear Mexico would not pay for the wall.

“We had ground rules, and that’s OK,” Mr. Trump said. “See who wins in the end. We’ll win. Hundred percent, they’re going to pay for the wall.”

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Mrs. Clinton had said in an interview with ABC that Mr. Trump “did choke” since he apparently didn’t raise the issue in his meeting with Mr. Pena Nieto.

“What happened is what we call a diplomatic incident, because he came out saying one thing and the Mexican president contradicted him almost immediately,” she said.

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