- Associated Press - Thursday, April 13, 2017

MINOT, N.D. (AP) - Criminal charges against the Ward County sheriff over the death of a jail inmate have been dismissed and the sheriff has resigned.

The deal with Sheriff Steve Kukowski pays Kukowski $75,000 in exchange for his promise not to sue the county.

Kukowksi had been charged in the 2014 death of inmate Dustin Irwin. The misdemeanors against Kukowski allege, in part, that he did not attempt to get medical care for Irwin, despite being aware of the medical condition.

Commissions say the case would have likely cost the county more money as it continued to drag on.

Kukowski had been in law enforcement for 43 years. He says the last 14 months have been “particularly trying,” but he received much public support during that time.



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