- - Monday, April 17, 2017


President Trump has now added his name to the list of war-criminal presidents. As a “unicorn voter” (a black man who voted for Mr. Trump but never for Mr. Obama), I now view Mr. Trump with the same disdain I viewed our previous presidents. Nothing good can come from our recent, unconstitutional bombings.

When during the past 50 years has the result of our intervention led to a better world? All we have done is expand our empire, create terrorists and refugees, foster chaos, engage in regime change and generally destabilize the world with our hegemonic activities. It was bad enough when President George W. Bush and the mainstream-media cheerleaders were trying to convince us, with their obvious lies, that we should invade Iraq because of purported weapons of mass destruction. Now we just bomb with impunity, apparently. The idea that we are the moral arbiters of the world is ludicrous. We have been the only country to ever use nuclear weapons, and have used chemical weapons and been guilty of about every atrocity imaginable.

We need to leave other countries alone and clean up our own house. But the warmongers, who owe their allegiance to the military-industrial complex, always want to keep the money flowing. To them, common sense doesn’t matter. Bang the war drums continuously and harangue Mr. Trump about Russia until he tires of looking weak. In our Orwellian world, strength (restraint, reason and common sense) is called weakness, while reckless bomb-dropping is considered strength. Let’s reverse this evil and begin to show humanity by using real diplomacy.

Mr. Trump, show us that you have real strength — the kind needed to forge a different path.



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